Why is Kaaba Sharif cool even in extreme heat?

28 May 2022 , 6:09:51

Why is Kaaba Sharif cool even in extreme heat?
Why is Kaaba Sharif cool even in extreme heat?

Masjidul Haram and Masjid Nawabi’s courtyard are specially built. The floor here is always cool and cool. The floor does not rise even though it is hot and hot. Because, these two courtyards are covered with marble which has special heat-absorbing capacity.

This particular type of marble was not readily available. This type of marble was found in only one small mountain in Greece in the whole world. But there is a wonderful and heartwarming experience in collecting them and placing them in the courtyard of the Kaaba Sharif and in the courtyard of the Nawabi in the mosque. Today we will mention it for the readers.

Dr. Mohammad Kamal Ismail (1906-2006). An Egyptian engineer and architect. He used to feel more comfortable in public. He was the youngest student in Egyptian history to graduate from the Royal School of Engineering after high school. He was also the youngest of the students sent to Europe, the first Egyptian engineer to receive three doctorates on Islamic architecture.

Dr. Mohammad Kamal Ismail was the first engineer to take on the responsibility of planning and implementing the Haramain (Mecca-Medina) expansion project. Despite recommendations from Saudi King Fahad and the bin Laden group to oversee this vast task, he did not receive a fee; He returned the check for a large sum! His honesty and sincerity in his work made him the darling and special confidant of all, including King Fahad and King Abdullah.

He told Bakr bin Laden, “If I were paid for the work of these two holy mosques, on what day would I stand before God on the Day of Judgment?”

In her personal life, she got married at the age of 44. His wife died in childbirth. He never married again. He devoted his whole life to maintaining the house of God till his death. Away from the limelight of money, fame, and media, he has spent the entire 100 years of his life in the service of the two mosques in Mecca and Medina.

There is a wonderful event in his life with the marble work of Haram Sharif of Mecca-Medina. He wanted to cover the floor of the Masjid al-Haram with marble for pilgrims, which has a special heat absorption capacity. This particular type of marble was not readily available. This type of marble was found in only one small mountain in Greece in the whole world.

Dr. Mohammad Kamal Ismail went to Greece, signed an agreement to buy enough marble, and returned to Makkah, leaving behind a supply of white marble. The work of white marble on the floor of Masjidul Haram was completed in time with special design.

Exactly 15 years later, the Saudi government asked him to cover the courtyard of Masjid al-Nabawi with white marble. But Dr. Mohammad Kamal Ismail felt lost! Because that special type of marble is not found anywhere in the world except in that small place in Greece and half of what was there has already been bought and used in the Haram Sharif of Mecca. The marble that was left is very little compared to the spacious courtyard of the Masjid Nabwi!

Dr. Mohammad Kamal Ismail went to Greece again. He met with the CEO of that company and asked how much is left of that hill? The CEO said that the rest of the hill was sold 15 years after he bought it! He was so upset that he couldn’t finish his coffee! Decided to return to Mecca on the next flight. Before leaving the office, he went to the office secretary and asked for the name and address of the buyer who bought the rest of the marble.

Although it is a very difficult task, at Kamal’s repeated request, he promised to check the old record. Leaving behind his name and phone number, Kamal thought to himself – who bought it, knowing it 15 years later – or what’s the point?
Before leaving for the airport the next day, the office secretary said on the phone that the name and address of the buyer had been found! Kamal walked slowly towards the office and thought – what is the benefit of getting the address? Sometimes many years have passed ….
When he reached the office, the secretary gave him the name and address of the buyer. Dr. with the address in hand. Mohammad Kamal Ismail’s heart was pounding when he saw that the buyer of the rest of the marble was a Saudi company!

Kamal returned to Saudi Arabia on the same day. Arriving there, he met the company’s director admin and asked what they had done with the marbles, which he had bought from Greece many years earlier.

The director admin couldn’t remember anything at first. Contacted the company’s stock room and asked – what was done with the white marbles brought from Greece 15 years ago? They found out that the white marble was in stock, not used anywhere!

Hearing this, Kamal started sobbing like a child. Asked why he was crying, he told the company owner about the whole incident. Dr. Kamal asked the company to settle the arbitrary amount with a blank check on behalf of the Saudi government. But when the owner of the company found out that this white marble would be used to build the mosque premises of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), he immediately refused to accept its exchange price. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala bought it with me and again He made me forget about it; Because this marble came for the purpose of the mosque of the Prophet (peace be upon him).