Probash Time occupies a unique place as the mouthpiece of expatriates

4 June 2022 , 1:37:38

Probash Time occupies a unique place as the mouthpiece of expatriates
Probash Time occupies a unique place as the mouthpiece of expatriates

The Probas Time online news portal occupies a unique place as a mouthpiece for talking about the joys and sorrows of the expatriates. Editetor by expatriate journalist Byjed Al Hassan, Publisher by Ekushey TV senior producer Israfil Shaheen and the relentless work of a bunch of promising news workers, the portal has now become a symbol of love and trust of expatriates.

The popular portal went one step further with the launch of the English version ( On Friday (June 3) evening, the English site was inaugurated at the news portal’s own office in Dhaka Rampura. From now on, the news spread of this portal in the international arena will be more smooth and beautiful. They also think that the field of speaking for the expatriates will be bigger.

The event was presided over by Byjed Al Hassan, Editor of Probash Time and was attended by special guests. Jihadur Rahman Jihad, Organizing Secretary of Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ), Md. Fakhrul Islam, Rony Reja, Acting Editor of Daily Bangladesh, Sheikh Mohammad Abdur Razzak, Deputy Director of Daffodil International University and Expatriate artisans, including Sheikh Fahad, chairman of Oman-based Al Safar Travels.

Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion, Abu Jafar Surja said that there are about 13 million Bangladeshis in different countries. It is natural for our expatriate brothers and sisters to have a separate media. Expatriate Time has taken on that responsibility. He hopes that they will fulfill that responsibility.

Speaking as the special guest, Sheikh Fahad said – Overseas Time has become a blessing for Oman expatriates.

Speaking as a special guest, former finance secretary of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agency (Baira). Fakhrul Islam said that in addition to Oman, the news of expatriates from Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Malaysia should be spread more in the time of expatriation.

Daffodil International University Deputy Director Sheikh Mohammad Abdur Razzak said – Expatriate time will play the best role in the news of expatriates in Bangladesh.

Jihadur Rahman Jihad, Organizing Secretary of Dhaka Journalists Union (DUJ) said, “Expatriates are playing a huge role for our country.

At the end of the program, the Silver Play-Button was unveiled and the English version was unveiled.

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