US-Bangla Airlines collides with aircraft at Dhaka Airport

7 June 2022 , 3:06:32

US-Bangla Airlines collides with aircraft at Dhaka Airport
US-Bangla Airlines collides with aircraft at Dhaka Airport

Another collision occurred at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. This time a plane of Biman Bangladesh Airlines was hit by a ground support equipment (GSE) of US-Bangla Airlines. The aircraft has been grounded. The aircraft is investigating the incident.

According to the aviation authorities, the incident took place at the airport around 10 pm last Saturday (June 4). At the time, a Boeing 737 was waiting in the Bay Area. Then a US-Bangladesh GSE dolly-trolley (cargo truck) hit the Boeing-737 aircraft. The aircraft was damaged and grounded. The plane was scheduled to leave for Chittagong on Sunday.

The airline said it had sought Boeing’s permission to repair the damaged aircraft. The money required for this loss will be borne by the US-Bangla Airlines authorities. An airport official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the plane had already been parked in the Bay Area. At that time a US-Bangladesh dolly-trolley started passing in front of the plane. The rear two parts of the trolley ran off and hit the front of the aircraft.

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism on Monday noon. Mahbub Ali went to the hangar of the airport to see the two planes. Earlier, on April 10, at noon, two aircraft collided in the hangar of the airport. As the Boeing 737 was being pulled out of the hangar, another Boeing-777 crashed into the aircraft. At that time both the planes were damaged. Biman fired five officials, including the chief engineer, for finding evidence of negligence in the incident. According to a Biman source, the ground handling service officials do not follow the rules or protocols that are in place at the hangar to take off and land the aircraft. This leads to shocking events.


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