Staff registration to go to Malaysia started

13 June 2022 , 6:56:52

Staff registration to go to Malaysia started
Staff registration to go to Malaysia started

The turn of the defense is over, the registration of workers to go to Malaysia has started. The Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) has started the process of registration of workers who want to go to Malaysia. This information was given in a notification on Sunday (June 12). According to BMET, the registration can be done through the district employment office or through the online ‘Ami Prabasi’ app.

According to the Foreign Employment and Migration Act, there is a provision to automatically select workers for foreign employment from the list of registered workers in the BMET database on the basis of random selection. Accordingly, employees wishing to travel to Malaysia are requested to be included in the BMET database.

Regarding the registration procedure, the notification said that registration can be done by appearing in person at all the District Employment and Manpower Offices (DEMOs) or designated Technical Training Centers (TTCs) under BMET. For each successful registration a government fee (non-refundable) of Rs.200 / – has to be paid. Contact the nearest District Employment and Manpower Office (DEMO) or TTC for details.

You can also register through your mobile. In that case, they have been asked to register using the ‘Ami Prabasi’ app approved by the government as an optional and additional channel for registration in the database. In this case, for successful registration, along with the official registration fee of Rs.

According to BMET, the condition is that the age of the employee should be between 18-45 years. Registration number and its validity will be valid for 2 years from the date of registration. Those who have already registered to go abroad do not need to re-register. However, if you do not select the desired country and occupation at the time of registration can be updated.

Skilled workers will be given priority for overseas employment if they upload skills certificates obtained from the Technical Training Center (TTC) and the Institute of Marine Technology (IMT), or the institution. Passport, passport size photo, own mobile number are required for registration. If you have email and proficiency certificate, then it is better to give.


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