Bangladeshi products opened the door to possibilities in the UAE

14 June 2022 , 1:14:21

Bangladeshi products opened the door to possibilities in the UAE

A thriving market for Bangladeshi products has been created in the UAE. Numerous small and large companies of the country continue to supply products to the consumers. The dominance of Bangladeshi products beyond the UAE and the Middle East to Africa is now noticeable.

The big market for many Bangladeshi companies is now the Middle East. In this market, people from all over the world, including Bangladeshis, have become accustomed to using Bangladeshi products. From Bangladeshi fish, meat, spinach, vegetables to dried fruits are now readily available in the UAE markets. In addition, consumers from different countries are flocking to the local supermarkets to buy a variety of products including local chilli spices, flour, semolina, oil, salt.

The prevalence of Bangladeshi products is not only in the field of edible products, but also in the garments, jute and leather products of Bangladesh. As a result, Bangladeshis are investing millions of rupees in the region to display and sell products, including numerous Bangladeshi-owned super shops and groceries.

Bangladesh has already come a long way in competing with neighboring countries India and Pakistan in the field of trade. As a result, direct shipping and other facilities are needed to build trade power in this important country in the Middle East.

After recovering from the loss of Corona, the expatriate Bangladeshis set up various institutions in the area with the aim of turning around. Where Bangladeshi products are given priority. Which also shows the face of their success. Besides, the participation and inspirational campaign in Expo 2020 held in Dubai is leading Bangladesh in the land of expatriates. The result was found in last month’s remittance.

According to the report of Bangladesh Bank, the United Arab Emirates, a third country in the Middle East, has risen to the first position after Saudi Arabia in May. 336 million US dollars from the country, which is equivalent to 3,046 crore taka in Bangladeshi currency. The expatriate income from the country as a single month is the highest ever.


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