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20 Bangladeshi expatriates arrested from Salalah, Oman

18 June 2022 , 2:11:09

20 Bangladeshi expatriates arrested from Salalah, Oman

Police in Oman have arrested 20 expatriates for illegal fishing. They were arrested on Friday in the country’s Salalah province. The general directorate of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in the Dhofar area said the fishermen were arrested on the basis of reports that they were fishing in violation of the law. Four unlicensed fishing boats were also seized.

According to local sources, all the arrested are Bangladeshi nationals. They used to go to Oman on free visa from Bangladesh and work as fishermen. Although they are fishing with Omani owners on commission basis, it is basically a violation of Oman law. Fishing is prohibited for citizens of any country other than Oman. The Royal Oman Police has said it will take legal action against those arrested.

Meanwhile, a search in Oman has revealed that besides Salalah, many Bangladeshi expatriates are engaged in fishing in several areas including Masirah, Jalan Bani Bu Ali, Al Sib and Sohar. Expatriates in the country have to work with extreme risk as there is no legitimacy in this profession. In this situation, the expatriates have requested to discuss with the government of Oman about the legitimacy of the expatriates who have been working in this profession for a long time. At the same time, immigration experts have urged expatriates not to work in occupations that are not permitted by the Oman government.


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