Net world in praise of Omani youth

5 July 2022 , 12:11:26

Net world in praise of Omani youth

An Omani youth is floating in praise after rescuing two children who were floating in a strong current after giving up the illusion of life. The rescue video has already gone viral on social media. Al Jazeera recently quoted a local newspaper in Oman as saying that strong currents were flowing through a valley in Oman. Two children accidentally fell into it.

It was very difficult to rescue them from there. But the young man did the hard work at the risk of his life. Al Jazeera added that the two rescued children were 8 and 13 years old, respectively. Rescuers said they were also swept away by the current. I was also worried about my own life. But if they are not rescued, they will die – my life is lost to that and I rescue them.

“I came to the mountains to help my father and brother,” he said. But when I saw them like this, I tied a rope around my body and went down into the stream of the valley in the name of Allah. He added, “By the grace and mercy of Allah, I was able to save them, Alhamdulillah.” Meanwhile, the Omani youth’s bravery is being praised on social media. Many online activists in the Arab world are thanking him.

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