Success story of youth Organizer Aminul Haque Sadi

14 July 2022 , 9:52:16

Kishoreganj representative: Youth organizer Amin Saadi. Full name Md. Aminul Haque Saadi. A brilliant young man dedicated to human welfare. For the people, for the life of the people, some people are engaged in the service of the youth and human beings in the midst of hundreds of obstacles and realities. Again some miserable people are suffering from grief. He also made a unique contribution to society and the country by alleviating the suffering of the bereaved. Such a young man Md. Aminul Haque Sadi. Aminul Haque Saadi, a successful youth organizer from Kishoreganj, is playing a unique role as a youth organizer.

aminul haque sadi award

She started her career in 2004 at Kishoreganj Youth Development Training Center with training in cattle, poultry, fish farming, fattening of cattle, trade in agriculture, and other self-employment for young men and women. He has worked tirelessly as a youth organizer, putting the trained knowledge into practice. He is still working.

Despite studying master in History and Culture of Islam from Gurudayal Government College, youth organizer Sadi did not look for government jobs but took a loan of Tk 60,000 from the Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila Youth Development Office and set up the Sadi Integrated Agricultural Farm. Fish farming in this farm pond, agricultural crops, and forestry nursery on own land.
They also became self-reliant by growing vegetables. Sadi’s greatest achievement is establishing himself as a successful youth organizer. With training from the Department of Youth Development, under the shadow of the youth development council of the unemployed youth community of the area, hundreds of young men and women have been trained as successful self-employed through various office courts, especially from the Department of Youth Development.
Many have climbed the pinnacle of success today by utilizing the knowledge gained from training and borrowing from youth development. In 2010, Sadi Bekar formed a youth organization called “Youth Development Parishad” with the unemployed population.
He has been working for the welfare of unemployed people through this organization. Through this organization, about two and a half thousand youth and young women from the poor and unemployed population of the area have been trained through various government and private departments. Many have made use of the training to get employment abroad. Local unemployed youths have been trained and made themselves successful in various activities including poultry.
During the Coronation Volunteer Youth Development Council, the organization distributed mask sanitizers and relief materials. Doing a lot of humanitarian work, including financial assistance to the poor. He is involved in many socio-cultural and youth organizations of the district and is working as a volunteer. In 2006, Saadi formed another organization in his village called Mohinanda Itihas Aitihya Sanrakshan Parishad.
Registered with the Department of Social Services, he was widely acclaimed for his voluntary activities at the initiative of the organization and was awarded various prizes. In 2011, he set up a charity called Mohinanda Itihas Aitihas Sanrakshan Pathagar. That organization has been playing a helpful role in imparting knowledge to the rural people.
This organization is spreading the radiation of light all around. In 2020, this library has gained more reputation as the best library in the district by receiving an honorary medal from the district administration. The Ministry of Culture, through the Department of National Library, has made it even more beautiful by receiving a gift of a Mujibvarsha Corner. In 2019, Saadi formed another organization called Kishoreganj Archaeological Society.
Through which he is contributing to the development and preservation of the history, heritage and antiquities of the district. In 2021, he set up ‘Adult and Youth Training Center’. Through this organization, it is continuing its efforts to educate the elderly and provide various trainings to the unemployed youth to make them self-reliant. The members of his organization are also established in society today.
The Directorate of Youth Development, Directorate of Social Services, and Directorate of Public Libraries have provided an opportunity to further expand the activities of Sadi by registering the institutions. In these commendable activities, Sadi has received hundreds of certificates and awards from government and private institutions.
Encouraging biogas projects, clean waste activities, participating in natural disaster response, child marriage, anti-polygamy dowry movement, sports and cultural activities, contribution to social development activities, utilization of domestic resources, youth leadership development by applying own labor and talent.
These works have gained further recognition by getting certification from the concerned institutions. In the meantime, he received youth exchange program training from Sheikh Hasina National Youth Development Institute meeting, in Dhaka. From June 27 to July 1, 2022, Kishoreganj district is one of the participating youth organizers in the youth minimum program with youth representatives from 64 districts of the country.
He was awarded the Sheikh Hasina National Youth Development Institute Authority Award as the third best speaker. In the light of practical experience in the field of training by the Department of Youth Development, Kishoreganj has been advising and assisting the unemployed youth at the grassroots level including districts and upazilas to become self-employed and supportive through training. Aminul Haque Saadi said Nationalist Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said, “The people of Bengal, especially the young community, need to know our history. A boy from Bengal who does not know about the traditions of his past descendants cannot be a true Bengali. ” A visit to Gopalganj created a different feeling. I will write it later as I have seen a book called President’s Kishoreganj Prime Minister’s Gopalganj. He said, my journey was in a very difficult situation. Today, my youth development council has entered an era after overcoming various adverse conditions. Former Deputy Director of Youth Development Directorate, Md. Rokan Uddin Bhuya, present Deputy Director Farzana Parveen, Assistant Director Tahsina Nazneen, who have been assisted in conducting organizational activities.,
Sadar Upazila Youth Development Officer ZA Shahadat Hossain, Assistant Youth Development Officer Md. Siddiqur Rahman and other persons of the concerned department.
Bangladesh Awami League Mohinanda Union President and former UP Chairman. Mansur Ali said, “As far as we know, he was involved in various developmental social activities from an early age.” He has been working successfully with the responsibility of many local and national organizations under the responsibility of society and the state. Aminul Haque Saadi has been honored on behalf of our organization and council for the achievements of many talented youth organizers.
Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila Youth Development Officer ZA Shahadat Hossain said, “We have registered the Youth Development Council established by youth organizer Aminul Haque Sadi.” Various commendable activities including National Youth Day have been conducted on the initiative of his organization. Farzana Parveen, deputy director of Kishoreganj Youth Development Department, said, “I have visited the organization called Youth Development Council established by youth organizer Aminul Haque Sadi more than once.”
He became the first in Sadar by writing essays on the liberation war and youth power of Bangladesh during the Mujib years. Later, for winning the first place at the district level, a prize bond of 3000 rupees and a crest and a memento were awarded by the Directorate of Youth Development. Aminul Haque Sadi is a name of inspiration to the local unemployed youth and young women of Kishoreganj. Locals wished Sadi all success. In recognition of his work, conscious circles strongly demanded that he be awarded the National Youth Award.